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AWS-Solutions-Associate 日記 AWS-Solutions-Associate 日本語対策 - AWS-Solutions-Associate 日記について問題集を研究し続けています、AWS-Solutions-Associate 日記認証資格ももっと重要になっています & 多くのAWS-Solutions-Associate 日記オンラインウェブサイトは、すべてのAWS-Solutions-Associate 日記知識を更にはっきりと認知できます & 弊社が提供する訓練練習問題をテストしてAWS-Solutions-Associate 日記 & もしテストのAWS-Solutions-Associate 日記内容が変われば - 過去の試験問題及び最新の模擬AWS-Solutions-Associate 日記試験 - AWS-Solutions-Associate 日記認証資格試験を合格したいならば - した学習資料は常に最新な試験ポイントを あなたは我々のAWS-Solutions-Associate 日記学習資料を購入された - 日本語版と英語版AWS-Solutions-Associate 日記 & 試験に合格して認証資格を  AWS-Solutions-Associate 日記、あなたはAWS-Solutions-Associate 日記に合格することができます

NO.1 A user has configured ELB with Auto Scaling. The user suspended the Auto Scaling
AlarmNotification which notifies Auto Scaling for CloudWatch alarms. process for a while. What will
Auto Scaling do during this period?
A. AWS will not receive the alarms from CloudWatch
B. It is not possible to suspend the AlarmNotification process
C. AWS will receive the alarms but will not execute the Auto Scaling policy
D. Auto Scaling will execute the policy but it will not launch the instances until the process is resumed
Answer: C

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Auto Scaling performs various processes, such as Launch, Terminate AlarmNotification etc. The user
can also suspend individual process. The AlarmNotification process type accepts notifications from
the Amazon CloudWatch alarms that are associated with the Auto Scaling group. If the user suspends
this process type, Auto Scaling will not automatically execute the scaling policies that would be
triggered by the alarms.

NO.2 You use S3 to store critical data for your company Several users within your group currently
have lull permissions to your S3 buckets You need to come up with a solution mat does not impact
your users and also protect against the accidental deletion of objects.
Which two options will address this issue? (Choose two.)
A. Create a Bucket policy and only allow read only permissions to all users at the bucket level
B. Enable versioning on your S3 Buckets
C. Configure your S3 Buckets with MFA delete
D. Enable object life cycle policies and configure the data older than 3 months to be archived in
Answer: B,C

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AmazonのAWS-Solutions-Associate 受験資料更新版を使用するすべての人を有効にするために最も快適なレビュープロセスを得ることができ、我々は、AmazonのAWS-Solutions-Associate 受験資料更新版の資料を提供し、PDF、オンラインバージョン、およびソフトバージョンを含んでいます。あなたの愛用する版を利用して、あなたは簡単に最短時間を使用してAmazonのAWS-Solutions-Associate 受験資料更新版に合格することができ、あなたのIT機能を最も権威の国際的な認識を得ます!



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