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RPFT 初心者 - RPFT 関連資格試験対応 - 試験のRPFT 初心者問題と解答をはっきり解説いたします & 試験のRPFT 初心者ために充分の準備をすることができます & 自分のRPFT 初心者人生を思い出したときに笑顔が出たら成功な人生になります & 完全な知識がこの高度専門の試験に合格するのは必要でRPFT 初心者は君にこれらの資源を完全な需要に備わっています - また一年間のRPFT 初心者無料更新サービスを得ることもできます & RPFT 初心者は専門知識と情報技術を検査する試験で & あなたもそのRPFT 初心者中の一員かもしれません & 試験に失敗したらRPFT 初心者 - 不合格になればRPFT 初心者は全額返金のことができますから - 専門家は一緻して品質のRPFT 初心者高い商品を開発し続けています & まだNBRCのRPFT 初心者を悩んでいますかこの情報の時代の中で専門なトレーニングを選択するのと思っていますか & それはあなたに最大のRPFT 初心者利便性を与えることができます

Effective June 2015, the Certification Examination for Entry-Level Pulmonary Function Technologists (CPFT) and the Registry Examination for Advanced Pulmonary Function Technologists (RPFT) will transition to a one‐examination, two‐cut scores examination. If a candidate achieves the lower cut score, they will earn the CPFT credential. If a candidate achieves the higher cut score, they will earn the RPFT credential. The new Pulmonary Function Technologist (PFT) Examination is designed to objectively measure essential tasks required of a pulmonary function technologist. The PFT Examination will contain 115 multiple‐choice items (100 scored, 15 pretest) distributed among the three major content areas: instrumentation/equipment, procedures, and data management.  Candidates will be given two hours to complete the PFT Examination.  For more information about the CPFT credential, please visit the CPFT page.

If you are planning to take any of the credentialing examinations offered by the National Board for Respiratory Care, Inc. (NBRC), the Self-Assessment Examination provides an excellent opportunity for you to find out in advance how well you will do. The SAEs are available in web-based format and more information can be found by clicking the Self-Assessment Examination Quick Link.

Admission Requirements

Applicant shall be 18 years of age or older.
Applicant shall be Certified Pulmonary Function Technologists (CPFT)* credentialed by the NBRC.
* Individuals who successfully completed the CCPT Examination with a specialty in Pulmonary Technology previously offered by the National Society for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Technology (NSCPT) or the National Board for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Credentialing (NBCPC) were recognized as CPFTs by the NBRC in July 1984 and are eligible for the RPFT Examination. To apply for the RPFT Examination, these individuals must submit a photocopy of their CCPT certificate with their application and fee. Return to top of page

Free Practice Examination

The web-based NBRC practice examinations are designed to simulate taking an NBRC examination. The software is identical to that which is used for the administration of NBRC examinations. To use this software, you will need a compatible internet browser such as the current version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Other browsers may or may not work. Cookies and scripting must be enabled. Pop-up blocking must be disabled.

Clicking the hyperlink below will open the practice examination login page. Please read the following instructions:

Login using your e-mail address. Your results will be sent to this address.
Use the mouse to select your responses and to maneuver through the examination.
To obtain your results, you must take the entire examination in one sitting. Your results are not saved if you exit the examination.
When you have completed the examination, click Finish and Display. Your results are displayed onscreen and will be e-mailed to you if you provided your e-mail address on the login page.
If you need help using the examination software, click on the Help button in the lower portion of the screen once you begin the examination.
Free PFT Practice Examination
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RPFT Credential ​FAQs

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Are Self‐Assessment Examinations available?

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​I have already earned the CPFT credential but not the RPFT credential. What do I do now?

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JPshikenに提供されている資料はIT認定試験に対して10年過ぎの経験を持っているプロフェッショナルによって研究と実践を通じて作成し出されたものです。JPshikenは最新かつ最も正確な試験RPFT 日本語的中対策を用意しておきます。JPshikenは皆さんの成功のために存在しているものですから、JPshikenを選択することは成功を選択するのと同じです。順調にIT認定試験に合格したいなら、JPshikenはあなたの唯一の選択です。



試験科目:Registry Examination for Advanced Pulmonary Function Technologists


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なぜ受験生はほとんどJPshikenを選んだのですか。JPshikenは実践の検査に合格したもので、JPshikenの広がりがみんなに大きな利便性と適用性をもたらしたからです。JPshikenが提供したNBRCのRPFT 日本語的中対策はみんなに知られているものですから、試験に受かる自信がないあなたはJPshikenのNBRCのRPFT 日本語的中対策を利用しなければならないですよ。JPshikenを利用したら、あなたはぜひ自信に満ちているようになり、これこそは試験の準備をするということを感じます。